About Us

The Chain Sydney started when Marcel Qayoom-Taylor and Patrick Blacker joined together to work on a project to help showcase hidden gems in local areas. The Chain was created to help give locals an insight into the city and suburb they were in, including what’s on and the latest local news and businesses around. With our goal in mind, we also wanted to help small businesses get the recognition they deserved.

Both at the time being 16-year-old high school students, Marcel and Patrick pushed themselves alongside their work and study to bring together what now is The Chain Sydney. With a few minor issues here and there, Patrick and Marcel banded together through countless hours to be able to give locals and local busineseses a platform to explore and read about the best spots and news in their areas.

Whilst covering local news and being a spotlight for small businesses, we wanted to keep locals up to date on the community events in their area. The Chain wanted to be a resource of information for locals to draw upon if needed, such as cost, time of the event, where to buy tickets, etc.

Currently, Sydney based The Chain plans to engage communities in other major cities such as Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and many more later after we establish a firm-branded name here in Sydney. With the dream of creating a communal hub for local news and events, whilst supporting local businesses Marcel and Patrick created what now today is The Chain Sydney.

If have a question please get in contact through our Contact page